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3.likely adj.可能的 adv.很可能
be likely to do sth.很可能做某事
It is likely that ...很可能……
not likely 绝不可能;才不呢
be likely to arrive a bit late 可能会晚点到
be likely to have high blood pressure and heart attacks 可能会患高血压和心脏病
be likely to stick to healthy food choices 很可能会坚持选择健康食物

①(2019·北京卷)These developments are likely to make(make) our current problems with robocalls much worse.
②(2018·全国卷Ⅱ)It's more likely that none of us start a conversation because it's awkward and challenging.
①A great decline in young work force is likely to occur in China.
②It's likely that a great decline in young work force will occur in China.

4.affect vt.影响;对……有坏影响;打动;(疾病)侵袭
(1)be affected by 被……侵袭;被……感动
be affected with high fever 发高烧
(2)effect n.作用;影响;结果
in effect 事实上
have an effect on 对……有影响
affect educational achievement 影响学业成绩
affect many different organs of the body 影响身体的很多器官
have a positive effect on our daily life 对我们的日常生活有积极的影响
①(2019·江苏卷)Favorable policies are in effect to encourage employees' professional development.
②(2016·浙江卷)What kind of education can be ‘meaningful’ to young people affected(affect) by conflict? 
①Apparently, blindly following others' advice will affect our own judgment.(affect)
②Apparently, blindly following others' advice will have an effect on our own judgment.(effect)


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